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Sharing Scotland with visitors and delivering unique experiences brings me immense joy.  


You might only ever come to Scotland once, or you may be on a pilgrimage. Whatever the circumstances, let’s make your time here extraordinary. 


As an accredited Blue Badge guide I offer multi day tours of Scotland, full day tours departing from Edinburgh and city tours of Edinburgh.

It’s fair to say after 30 years exploring the country I’ve accrued my own extensive ‘guide book’ of wonderful places to go, hidden gems you might not read about in guidebooks and fascinating people to meet along the way. 


I’m here to help create a travel itinerary that fulfills your needs and ticks all your boxes. All I ask is that you share the places you want to visit and special interests you have.  I’ll make the necessary arrangements on your behalf, including; booking great quality accommodations, restaurants, attractions, theatres and venues. An extensive list.  


Explore my tours of Scotland, whether you’re planning multi day tours or full day tours departing from Edinburgh , rest assured you’re in good hands. 

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