You might only ever come to Scotland once, or you might come on repeat. Whatever the circumstances, it’s my job to create a wonderful programme of new experiences to fulfil your needs.  


Being thrust into new experiences was the kick start to my tourism career almost 30 years ago when I agreed to drive a touring coach around Europe. I’ll never forget when my driving assessor said “I hope you have a passport cause you’ll never see home again”,  and he was right. 

In just a few days I was admiring the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and being awakened by cow bells in Switzerland – a dream come true.  Each season I drove the coach, accompanied by a tour guide. I would listen intently to their guiding styles and observe how they managed the needs of the group. I was inspired, and determined that one day I’d be the tour guide.  


Fast forward a few years, and I began guiding winter tours to Germany, France and the Netherlands. This experience was a real eye opener. I quickly realised the effort and responsibility of being a tour guide, particularly a good tour guide!  


Motivated by my experience in Europe I set my sights on guiding tourists from the North American and Canadian high-end leisure markets. Things went to plan and the following year I was on the road as their tour guide. This was it – I had discovered my dream job!


I obtained my ‘Blue Badge’, on behalf of the Scottish Tourist Guides Association in 2012. Since then I’ve been involved in assessing new guides on their behalf, it’s been quite the ‘journey’.


I’ve had the great privilege and fortune to welcome many wonderful clients to Scotland over the years.  I’ve travelled the length and breadth of the country and I make it my business to know the best places to visit, and hidden gems off the beaten track that might not appear in guide books. 


I consider myself an ambassador for Scotland, and it’s my sincere intention to create the tour of a lifetime for you. 


Over the years, my personal motto and jingle has become ‘Sharing Scotland With You’. 


Discover the incredible places to visit in Scotland, whether you’re here for a day or planning a multi-day tour.


Drop me a line about the places you’d love to visit.